Total Golf Trainer 3.0

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Total Golf Trainer 3.0 | TGT 3.0 Kit | Golf Training Aids | This Kit Comes With 3 Golf Training Aids in One Convenient Package!

Improve your range time & reinforce your lessons. The 3.0 Kit trusted by multiple PGA & LPGA Tour Players along with many Top Instructors! Learn your process & own your swing today. TGT 3.0 KIT VALUE PACK INCLUDES TGT ARM, TGT HIP & TGT V2.

This Kit Comes with 3 Versatile Golf Training Devices. The Total Golf Trainer 3.0 is perfect for all golfers from beginner to professional. The avid golfer looking to improve range time, reinforce lessons or just practice at home. This kit has everything you need to improve your swing and lower your scores. The 3.0 kit is perfect for the beginner golfer to learn basic fundamental on how to move the club correctly, control the wrist and arms and product powerful consistent lower body movement. The Total Golf Trainer products provide real time feedback like having a coach with you all the time.

If you just cant get rid of a bad habit or have been practicing hitting a million golf balls seeing no difference in your game. This is because you have no feedback when you are making a good swing. The TGTV2 teaches how to correctly move the club to improve the takeaway, downswing path, impact & release patterns. The TGT Arm teaches correct wrist and arm positions. Learn to create a flat lead wrist or maintain extension in the trail wrist. The upper Arm settings work on creating width in the backswing or maintaining a straight lead arm. The TGT Hip teaches correct hip turn in the backswing feeling a proper load. The flexible training rod adjust to sequence the downswing and maintain posture to improve hip rotation through the ball.

The Total Golf Trainer 3.0 Kit has Everything You Need To Improve Your Swing And Lower Your Scores!!