The LAUNCH CODE™ Overspeed Trainer is the fastest and most effective way to add 10, 20, or even 30 yards to all your drives and other shots as well!  Being able to use your own grip and shaft for speed training is a game changer when it comes to comfort and transference to your regular game.  Simply remove your driver club head, attach the training head and slide on the rings while training with our year long training programs.  You could add as much as 10+mph to your swing and 30 yards of distance to your longest drives.

When used alongside our training exercises, you can expect to see incredible swing speed gains in as little as four weeks.  Not only will you hit your drives longer, you’ll hit all your clubs longer.  This compounding distance equals shorter clubs into the green, which means shorter putts and shorter putts means LOWER SCORES!  You deserve MORE DISTANCE and LOWER SCORES!

Included in set: Training head, four total inserts (2 per size), 6 total screws (2 per size), one set of 15 training rings, and a carrying case.  Which size insert and screw you use depends on your driver make and model. List of driver/insert/screw combos located on training page.


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