FlightPath Premium Golf Tees

It's True - Golf Tees Have An Impact On Your Drives

FlightPath Golf Tees Reduce the Negative Impact a Regular Tee
Has on Your Game in the 3 Ways That Matter the Most


The Silent Enemy Of Distance

The ball spins backward when you hit with drivers and irons, decreasing distance. FlightPath’s patented design reduces ball spin, so you never have to trade distance for accuracy.


The Nemesis Of Straight Shots

Friction between the ball and tee contributes to sidespin. Engineered to minimize frictional resistance, FlightPath tees encourage a smooth, consistent flight path.



Stop Carrying Tons Of Tees In Your Pocket

Don’t break the bank on golf tees. Unlike regular wooden tees, FlightPath tees are designed to withstand up to 100 hits without breaking. Play better, for longer.

Independently Studied By Golf Laboratories And My Golf Spy

FlightPath Golf Tees are scientifically proven to help golfers hit straighter and farther than the average wooden tee.


“With my FlightPath tee I am aimed at keeping the ball in the grid. Cause if you’re not in the grid you can’t win.”



Maurice Allen

2018 Volvik World Long Drive Champion.